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Most Startups are facing the same issues, Initial User Acquisition, Product-Market Fit, User Engagement, Retention, Customer Support & Communication, Scaling Infrastructure. If any of these sounds familiar,  you are in the right place.


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Ever wondered how to keep users hooked on your app? Well, our Auctions feature has got you covered! It’s all about making your app a fun place to be. With auctions, users get excited to open your app regularly because there’s always something cool up for grabs. Plus, they can bid on items and even get notified when they’ve been outbid. It’s like a mini-game that keeps users engaged and earns them rewards for being active members of your community.

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Social Media Ecosystem

Welcome to the heart of your app’s social scene! Our Social Media Ecosystem lets users share photos and videos just like they do on their favorite social platforms. From posting to liking and commenting, it’s all about creating a space where users feel connected and valued. And guess what? Every interaction earns them special coins they can use to unlock even more fun stuff!

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Rewarding Coin System

Who doesn’t love a little reward for their efforts? With our Rewarding Coin System, users earn coins just by being active members of your community. These coins aren’t just for show – users can use them to snag discounts or special items from your app’s marketplace. It’s like getting a pat on the back for being awesome!


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Social & Support Chat

Need a helping hand or just want to shoot the breeze with fellow users? Our Social & Support Chat has got you covered! Whether it’s chatting with friends or getting quick answers to your questions, our chat feature makes connecting with others a breeze. Plus, our support chat comes with a friendly AI bot ready to lend a hand whenever you need it.

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Ready to treat yourself? Our custom e-commerce feature lets users shop for all kinds of goodies right from your app. And the best part? They can use their easily-earned coins to score sweet deals or even pay for their purchases in full. It’s shopping made easy, all while keeping users engaged and excited to explore what your app has to offer.